The Undeclared War We Fathers Fight

We fathers - and our families - are engaged in a battle within a larger undeclared war against our culture - against Western civilization - against our entire way of life. Unless we respond immediately, we are headed for extinction.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Deadbeat Dad

Deadbeat Dad should be read by all Western culture married couples, especially Christian couples, and every unmarried male, as our society is under attack today by our legal systems. Learn from the author's and his family's true story of their nightmare within the American legal system after a Christian wife of 23 years broke her life-long marriage contract for 'irreconcilable differences,' and an emotionally disturbed woman was granted a permanent restraining order against him. Using the biased legal system, these women attacked the author, separated him from his children and his business and crippled him financially. He was labeled a ‘deadbeat dad.’ This former foster father has been unable to communicate with his two youngest adopted children for the past eight years. There exists thousands of so called 'deadbeat dads' in similar situations in Western society today. Deadbeat Dad tells our true, but so often unbelievable, side of the story. Give this book to your son or daughter as a warning about the war we families are fighting and how divorce destroys families.

Deadbeat Dad
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Spade said...

What a pathetic whiner. Is there anything that affected your miserable life that is not the fault of someone else? What arrogance you must have to think that anyone cares about the negative affect your aggression towards others has had on your life. It sounds as though you have reaped exactly what you have sown.