The Undeclared War We Fathers Fight

We fathers - and our families - are engaged in a battle within a larger undeclared war against our culture - against Western civilization - against our entire way of life. Unless we respond immediately, we are headed for extinction.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Looking to the Government for Help

Looking to the government to get us out of the slave-master relationship we fathers have allowed ourselves to be put in is like expecting our master, who just separated us from our children, to suddenly have a heart. They don't care about us or our children, or, for that matter, the mothers. If they did, they'd make breaking the marriage contract more difficult. The life-long marriage contract is, after all, the only contract that the government, which is supposed to enforce contracts, allows one party to unilaterally break, for virtually no reason -"irreconcilable differences" - and then rewards the party that breaks the life-long contract.

Most judges don't care about us, they only care about themselves and their cronies. And we dads feed their system. We are the fodder that keeps the divorce industry - what Robert Cheney, in The Suffering Patriarchy, called The Krell Welfare Machine - going. Get over it. And stop thinking that these people are like you are. They aren't.

We need to stop expecting, by telling the system - the judges or the politicians - what is happening to our families isn't right, that they will somehow see the light and change the situation for us. They already KNOW is unjust. They KNOW we are being abused. They already KNOW children need both parents. They already KNOW fathers have the right to be with their children and children have the right to be with their fathers. How do they KNOW? You have to be an idiot to think otherwise. And these people are not idiots.

Why don't they do something? They ARE doing something. They are doing what governments do. Governments exert more and more power over their citizens until they completely control them. They are the government. That's what governments do. Governments never do things FOR people - governments do things TO people. That is why the Founding Fathers - and notice it is the Founding Fathers, not Founding Mothers - wrote the US Constitution and before the several states would ratify it, demanded the Ten Bill of Rights be added - to protect us FROM the government.

Dads, the Constitution, for all practical purposes, has become exactly what Bush, our criminal of a president, said it was, 'just a goddamned piece of paper."


If we want change, if we want redress, we are going to have to stop asking for justice. We are going to have to demand it. And keep demanding it until we get it.


Wednesday, December 27, 2006

It's Only About MONEY - Your Money

Our famillies are systematically being destroyed. In the process, the system is taking our money. One way to fight back is stop giving them your money. That includes child support. Demand custody of your children, and settle for no less than equal shared custody. Both parents are required to support their children equally thus, with equal custody, no child support. Go on the record demanding legal sole custody with the wife as the non-custodial parent. You most likely will not get it, but it’s on the record. You can always then refer to the fact you demanded full custody when you refuse to pay their extortion.
Also and first and foremost, don’t retain an attorney. When you do, you’re feeding the system. Attorneys are a big part of the problem. They win, ie. get your money, whether you win or lose, and you will most likely lose. At least, if you don’t hire an attorney, along with your children, you won’t lose your hard earned money.

It’s not that difficult to go into the courtroom prepared. There is enough information available now for anyone with average intelligence to act in their own behalf. It’s called in propria persona - in your own person. Consider it an adventure, like an extreme sport. It’s actually quite fun. If us dads all did go into the courtroom representing ourselves, the attorneys would not get our money. If the attorneys get your money, they win, you lose. Don’t give them your money. I explain this and much more in Deadbeat Dad here:

The attorney’s aren’t going to go all out for you anyway. If they do, they risk offending the judges. When was the last time you heard of a divorce attorney appealing a case in the best interest of his client? Divorce attorneys won’t risk challenging the judge, as they will most likely have to represent their next client before that same judge again and can’t risk the judge's ire. The only person in the divorce racket who is allowed to have an 'anger management' problem are judges. And many of them do.

Besides, the judge, your attorney and your ex-wife’s attorney quite likely play golf together and laugh about what a racket they've got going.


Monday, December 18, 2006

Deadbeat Dad

Deadbeat Dad should be read by all Western culture married couples, especially Christian couples, and every unmarried male, as our society is under attack today by our legal systems. Learn from the author's and his family's true story of their nightmare within the American legal system after a Christian wife of 23 years broke her life-long marriage contract for 'irreconcilable differences,' and an emotionally disturbed woman was granted a permanent restraining order against him. Using the biased legal system, these women attacked the author, separated him from his children and his business and crippled him financially. He was labeled a ‘deadbeat dad.’ This former foster father has been unable to communicate with his two youngest adopted children for the past eight years. There exists thousands of so called 'deadbeat dads' in similar situations in Western society today. Deadbeat Dad tells our true, but so often unbelievable, side of the story. Give this book to your son or daughter as a warning about the war we families are fighting and how divorce destroys families.

Deadbeat Dad
can be purchased here:


Children Stolen From Their Dads - the Battle Within the Bigger War

Having to even question the media about their blackout regarding the nightmare of illegal action against fathers is evidence that the problem we fathers (and our families) are facing is much much larger in scope than most of us realize. Our entire Western culture - our very existence - is under attack. [Unchecked illegal immigration is more evidence]. The situation fathers face is only one battlefront - albeit a major one - in this war against Western society.

We need to move beyond asking why questions to understanding what has been and is happening to us. The mainstream media within Western societies are under control of the same entity that controls our legal systems and in fact our entire govermental system. [Here read Walt and Mearsheimer]. Expecting change from this controlling influence is like expecting the Devil to stop lying. It’s not going to happen. Those of us in Western culture need to recognize that fact - now. We need to stop expecting the powers that be to change. They will no more change their destructive course of action anymore than Bush will change his course of action in Iraq. They are getting exactly what they want from their actions. Until we realize this, we fathers are pissin’ in the ocean against the wind expecting to raise the level and make fools of ourselves.