The Undeclared War We Fathers Fight

We fathers - and our families - are engaged in a battle within a larger undeclared war against our culture - against Western civilization - against our entire way of life. Unless we respond immediately, we are headed for extinction.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Children Stolen From Their Dads - the Battle Within the Bigger War

Having to even question the media about their blackout regarding the nightmare of illegal action against fathers is evidence that the problem we fathers (and our families) are facing is much much larger in scope than most of us realize. Our entire Western culture - our very existence - is under attack. [Unchecked illegal immigration is more evidence]. The situation fathers face is only one battlefront - albeit a major one - in this war against Western society.

We need to move beyond asking why questions to understanding what has been and is happening to us. The mainstream media within Western societies are under control of the same entity that controls our legal systems and in fact our entire govermental system. [Here read Walt and Mearsheimer]. Expecting change from this controlling influence is like expecting the Devil to stop lying. It’s not going to happen. Those of us in Western culture need to recognize that fact - now. We need to stop expecting the powers that be to change. They will no more change their destructive course of action anymore than Bush will change his course of action in Iraq. They are getting exactly what they want from their actions. Until we realize this, we fathers are pissin’ in the ocean against the wind expecting to raise the level and make fools of ourselves.

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