The Undeclared War We Fathers Fight

We fathers - and our families - are engaged in a battle within a larger undeclared war against our culture - against Western civilization - against our entire way of life. Unless we respond immediately, we are headed for extinction.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Break Marriage Contract - Receive Reward

Marriage vows - the "marriage contract" - is intended to be a lifelong obligation of a man and a woman to each other. The purpose of marriage is usually for the purpose of expressing their love for each other. This love often results in the pro-creation of children to be raised as a family - together - as husband and wife, father and mother.

"I...... take you to be my husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death do us part.

However, since the advent of no-fault divorce, starting in many states in the mid 1960s, the marraige committment, ie. marriage contract, has been routinely broken for little or no valid reason, and when children are involved, usually - 70-80% of the time - by the wife or mother. This breaking of the contract, quite often for 'irreconcilable differences,' often results in the father being separated from his children and they from him, for basically no reason whatsoever, other than the desire of the mother to no longer live with the father of their children.

The mother has been given great incentives by the American family legal system to break her marriage contract at a whim. In a divorce, the wife undoubtedly will be given the triumvirate of the system - the house, the car and the kids. Along with the kids comes stipping of the dad of his right to be a dad to his children, and the making of the dad into a visitor instead with 'visitation rights.' These new rights may or may not be enforced and usually aren't if the mother decides to prevent the father and the children from having a relationship. And of course, along with the children, goes to the mother the all important 'child support' obligation - a private debt owed by the father to the mother and enforced by the State under severe penalties meted out to the dad for failing to comply, no matter how onerous or unreasonable the burden.

This breaking of the marriage contract is the only contract in existence that can be broken unilaterally by one party, who is then granted benefits for having broken that "until death do us part" - contract. In no other contractural arrangement is one party allowed to break a legally binding contract with the approbabtion of the legal system except in the marriage contract, arguably the most important societal contract exant.

Perhaps an analogy will illustrate what happens when a mother no longer wishes to live with the father and files for a 'no-fault' divorce, petitioning the court to break the contract.

Let's say you contract with a builder you're friends with and you trust to build a house for you. The builder, before the house is finished, decides he doesn't want to finish his contract. He doesn't 'feel' like fulfilling his obligation. You've paid all your bills up to that point and things have been going well up until then. But, for no legitimate legal reason, your contractor friend, through his attorney, visits the courthouse, fills out some papers asking for the contract to be broken, for no reason really, but 'irreconcilable differences' is checked in the box on the convenient form provided for the 'no-fault' divorce to commence.

A clever builder will change the locks on the house and seek and be granted a court ordered restraining owner preventing the owner from entering his house. Soon thereafter, the judge says to the contractor, "No problem. I will take the house and give it to you. The owner will pay your attorney bills and you get to live in the house, and he will make the house payments. If he doesn't make the payments, we will label him a 'deadbeat, take away his driver's license and his professional license until he does. If he still refuses, I will find him in contempt of court and throw him in jail until he changes his attitude. Have a good day. Next case."

Women wonder why there are so few 'good men' to marry. What man, in his right mind, would enter into a contract that can be broken at the whim of the other party and result in his financial ruination, perhaps for life?